Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 18/11/2022

Making Animal Feed More Efficient, Healthier, and Sustainable

How Bialtec’s Technologies are reinventing the Animal Protein Systems in the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague area

The protein transition is bigger than one solution. To help feed humanity sustainably, it is important to create innovative solutions across the food industry in order to achieve planet wide goals. The greater Rotterdam-The Hague area is a hub for the protein transition due to the academic and industrial innovation, and the cluster of traditional food and animal feed companies. Part of the protein transition is making meat more sustainable and one company tackling this issue is Bialtec. They are a Colombian founded company who moved to the province of Zuid-Holland to work with traditional animal feed producers in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area to create more sustainable animal proteins.

Towards More Sustainable Animal Protein

Mauricio Agudelo, Bialtec’s CEO, founded the company together with Darío Rueda in 2017 as two chemical engineers who had spent years working in biotech companies and startups. They were driven by their concern for the current status quo and were “passionate about the transition to design a more efficient, equitable, and profitable animal protein system,” as Mauricio stated. The animal protein market has a multitude of side effects in humans, animals, and the environment, and with the help of microencapsulated microbiomes, Bialtec is determined to bring a more sustainable solution to the market.