Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 02/11/2022

How Alver is Revolutionising the Plant-based Food Industry with Microalgae

International companies creating the next generation of alternative proteins in the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague area

The protein transition is moving at a rapid pace and the Rotterdam-The Hague area has become a hub for companies working in the field across multiple types of proteins. The classic proteins, usually plant-based proteins, come from ingredients such as soy, peas, or whole grains like oats and quinoa. There are lesser known alternatives that can help propel the transition, while potentially being even healthier and more sustainable. Microalgae is a perfect example of an underrepresented protein with a disruptive potential, but it is often connected with its green colour and an intense smell and taste. With the work of companies like Alver, that perception, however, is quickly changing.

Alver is a Swiss founded food tech company striving to reduce European meat consumption with their innovative plant-based products made from microalgae. We sat down with Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, the co-founder of Alver to learn more about their innovative and high-quality products that are taking over the European food market from their new home in the Rotterdam-The Hague area.