Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 22/11/2022

Sibö: Insect Proteins as a tool for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Change, Protein Transition, and the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague Area

Climate change is our societal challenge of the century. The use of fossil fuels, mass deforestation, and livestock farming has led to a drastic increase in global temperatures, causing unstable weather conditions, less biodiversity, higher risks of drought, heating of the ocean, and the mass displacement of people. As we rapidly approach climate goal dates in 2030 and 2050, the world is in dire need of new solutions. Luckily, there is hope. In areas such as protein transition, companies are making leaps and bounds, creating a revolution from their home in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area. International companies working in meat replacements, alternative dairy, insect protein, cellular agriculture, and more are relocating to the region in order to scale up their impact. One such company, Sibö, is staking their claim and leading innovation towards a brighter future.