Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 24/10/2022

How Deep Branch is Recycling Carbon and Reducing Emissions from Animal Products

Groundbreaking Innovations for the protein transition from international companies in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area

The greater Rotterdam-The Hague area has played a key role in global agrifood developments throughout history. Modern threats such as climate change and diseases of affluence are transforming consumer preferences and pushing horticulture developments in new directions. There is a widespread sense of urgency that demands fast paced innovation.

Alternative protein companies like Deep Branch, who was named one of European Innovation Council’s (EIC) 50 most promising European Deep tech start-ups, have moved to the greater Rotterdam-The Hague region in order to grow their contribution to creating a cleaner, greener, and healthier world.

Deep Branch is a UK founded company who produces “feed ingredients for a more sustainable food system,” as explained by CEO and Founder Peter Rowe.

Peter Rowe Deep Branch