Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 14/10/2022

Proeon and the Next Generation of Plant Based Protein

International Companies Pioneering the Protein Transition in the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague Area

There is an increasing demand for meat and dairy products around the world as global wealth rises. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that global consumption of meat proteins will grow by 14% by 2030, on top of the fact that global meat consumption has more than doubled over the past three decades. The environmental impact of animal derived proteins are well documented and movements to find alternative protein sources are accelerating. How can we as a society meet the demand of billions while drastically reducing the environmental impact? The greater Rotterdam-The Hague area has become a hub of innovation for sustainable protein alternatives and is looking to lead the way in the newly termed ‘protein transition’. 

Many international companies have recently relocated or set up subsidiaries in the region in order to benefit from the thriving ecosystem. We sat down with Ashish Korde and Kevin Parekh, both founders of Proeon who recently made the move to the region and are developing innovations in plant based proteins and sustainable foods.