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Internationally recognised cybersecurity company mnemonic is expanding in the Netherlands

Mnemonic is a European cybersecurity company with security experts in all fields within IT and information security. The company is headquartered in Oslo, and after working with partners and customers in the Dutch market for several years, mnemonic is now opening its first location in the Netherlands, in The Hague.

201217 Mnemonic AS©Verkijk 16

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Combating modern cyber threats

You may have heard the name mnemonic recently, related to some high-visibility security findings, for instance; SNIcat, a tool that detected vulnerabilities in several popular security solutions, and a finding exposing covert surveillance backdoors in children’s smartwatches that received worldwide attention.

A major part of the company’s delivery is the service Managed Detection and Response (MDR). MDR is an outsourced cybersecurity service that enables organisations to combat modern cyber threats. It is widely used by organisations that for instance lack resources, be it time, manpower or know-how, to monitor their IT assets 24/7, detect threats and appropriately respond to them. The market for MDR services is fast growing. Among others, the industry analyst Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of all organisations globally will be using MDR services.

Providing a local alternative

To strengthen mnemonic’s already strong customer-base and presence in the Netherlands, the local team is joined by Lex Crielaars as Presales Lead. Lex will draw from his more than a decade of experience as CTO at a large consultancy in the Dutch security industry, and he’s already a familiar face for many customers after collaborating with mnemonic for years. Lex explains that the Netherlands is relatively mature when it comes to cybersecurity: “You see that both in the organisations and the companies that offer security services, as well as the research and initiatives that’s taking place here. However, the Netherlands does not quite yet have a true MDR provider at the scale of mnemonic. Hence, many organisations are looking abroad to find these services. Over the years, we’ve seen that there’s a number of organisations that could use our services here.”

Strong cyber community

mnemonic chose The Hague as the company’s first office location in the Netherlands to be “close to where it happens”. With long-standing relationships and partnership with many of the local cyber institutions in The Hague, such as Europol’s European Cyber Crime Center (EC3) and the Dutch cybersecurity provider EYE Control, mnemonic is already familiar with the city’s strong cyber community foothold.

Lex explains that the feedback from Dutch customers has been great so far:

“mnemonic has been active in the Dutch security community for years, with customers, partners, and public-private initiatives. We are here to stay, and we’re looking to continue to grow our roots here.”

“Our customers value the level of expertise and quality that our security experts provide for them. This is especially important to us, as our MDR services rely on human involvement in all phases of the service. We pride ourselves in finding the right balance between our machine-assisted MDR services and human intuition and creativity in solving problems and finding threats.”

International expansion

The opening of the Dutch office follows mnemonic’s expansion to the US last year, and its UK office the year before. Tønnes Ingebrigtsen, CEO in mnemonic, is excited about the continued international growth: “Opening the new branch office will help us serve the fast growing market for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services in the Netherlands. It’s also a great opportunity that lets us collaborate even closer with our customers and partners in the wider Benelux region”.

Philip Meijer

Philip Meijer

Senior Account Manager Cybersecurity