ZeroAvia accelerates global sustainable aviation drive by expanding to The Hague in the Netherlands 980 kopieren

ZeroAvia accelerates its global sustainable aviation drive by expanding to The Hague, in the Netherlands

ZeroAvia (Hollister, California, USA) is expanding its mission to develop carbon-free hydrogen-powered aircraft to Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY) in The Hague, in The Netherlands.

ZeroAvia accelerates global sustainable aviation drive by expanding to The Hague in the Netherlands 980 kopieren

British/American ZeroAvia was founded in 2017 and is developing hydrogen-fueled powertrain technology to compete with conventional engines in propeller aircraft, with an aim of zero-emission and lower noise. TPY in The Hague was chosen as their first base within the EU, due to the presence of high-tech manufacturing companies at the park and the proximity of knowledge and talent in the vicinity, especially in Delft.

Vice-President Europe Sergey Kiselev explains that the business mindset of Dutch stakeholders in sustainable aviation was one of the main reasons for expanding their activities to the Netherlands: “we were impressed by the willingness and preparedness of Dutch knowledge institutions and the potential supplier network to work with us to achieve our ambitious and revolutionary goals. It’s that same can-do spirit that underpins our own start-up mentality and seems to fit perfectly.”

Developing 19-Seat Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft

Kiselev heads ZeroAvia’s European headquarters in Cranfield, UK. So far the company has secured nearly $ 74 million of funding since its inception, mostly from the US and UK. Last December the UK government granted £ 12.3 million ($ 16.3 million) to deliver a 19-seat hydrogen-powered aircraft that will be ready for market in 2023. Kiselev: “Our Dutch expansion will focus on finding cooperation and partnerships in the Netherlands and throughout continental Europe to further develop our solutions.”

ZeroAvia is currently looking for a Business Development Manager Europe to work from the office at TPY in The Hague.

High-Tech Manufacturing at Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY)

“TPY is delighted that such a progressive and industry-changing company such as Zeroavia has recognised the benefit of connecting with the 100+ years established aviation cluster in the Netherlands and has chosen Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY) as the ideal location to base and grow their mainland European business and talent base” commented Meine Oosten, Chairman of the Foundation managing TPY.

Sustainable Aviation in Zuid-Holland

InnovationQuarter, the regional economic development agency, works with the regional aerospace cluster to make aviation more sustainable in Zuid-Holland. The focus is on developing new, lighter materials and structures and improving aerodynamic performance at Delft University of Technology. Manufacturing on an industrial scale is carried out at companies such as GKN-Fokker and at TPY The Hague by companies such as Airborne, KVE (Daher) and GTM.

Emphasis is also on the use of new energy carriers: in Rotterdam, work is being done on the realization of a pilot plant for making synthetic kerosene and there are initiatives to electrify general aviation. The Dutch aviation supply chain, together with high-tech manufacturing companies in The Hague (TPY) and the city of Rotterdam are working on the development of a hydrogen propulsion system for a 50-seat regional turboprop aircraft and the implementation of all necessary infrastructure at TPY The Hague and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. InnovationQuarter has assisted ZeroAvia in setting up operations in the Netherlands and will continue to support them in their ambition to develop zero-emission aviation.

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Niels Krol

Senior Investor Relations Manager / Senior Account Manager Aerospace