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TU Delft in global top 100 of Nature Index 2020 Artificial Intelligence

Nature has placed TU Delft at position 65 in the worldwide Nature Top 100 ranking of research organisations in artificial intelligence (AI), making it the highest-ranking Dutch university on this list. Furthermore, the Netherlands is positioned at 15 in the top 25 countries/territories. Although all rankings come with limitations, the Nature AI rankings do provide some insight into this highly competitive field.

Geert-Jan Houben, pro vice rector magnificus AI, data and digitalisation at TU Delft: “I think this is a great achievement of the approximately 700 academics working on AI in Delft. After all, this is a very competitive field of research in which several countries have been implementing their national AI strategies for a number of years now and are already making significant investments. It is encouraging that our progress and achievements are being noticed, and we are well on track to further strengthen our activities and help shape investments in AI.”

TU Delft recently announced that it will double its investments in AI to 70 million euros per year. By the end of 2021 24 TU Delft AI labs will be active to promote cross-fertilisation between AI experts and scientists who use AI in their research, and to train the next generation of digital professionals. In total, 24 tenure trackers and 96 PhD candidates will be recruited, who will also further strengthen education in AI. Furthermore, TU Delft plays a leading role in the regional cooperation between the universities and medical centres in Zuid-Holland on AI, data and digitalisation, and in the recently established AI hub Zuid-Holland, uniting the AI ecosystem in that part of the Netherlands.


Rankings are primarily important to universities with regard to attracting international talent, as they are regularly consulted by students and researchers all over the world. Each ranking uses a different methodology, each with its own advantages and limitations. The Nature Artificial Intelligence rankings focus on publications in 82 high-quality natural-science journals.

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