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Region ranking among the most competitive in Europe for Business and Investment

Dutch regions rank high in European business climate. According to the Regional Competitiveness Index published by the European Commission, five Dutch regions are among the top 10 most competitive regions in Europe, with Utrecht and Zuid-Holland (Greater Rotterdam-The Hague area) leading the list.

Other Dutch regions in the top 10 include Noord-Brabant, Amsterdam region, and Gelderland. The index evaluated 234 European regions based on indicators such as economic stability, innovation, infrastructure, education, and health to determine their attractiveness for businesses and residents.

Utrecht, which scored highest on education level and innovation, is the clear winner with high job opportunities for young people and a high female labor market participation rate. The Netherlands continues to attract international investors and stands out among European regions due to its robust institutions, stable macroeconomic environment, advanced infrastructure, high-quality education, large market size, technological readiness, innovative mindset, and sophisticated business environment.

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