Category: Innovation Infrastructure  | Published on 27/12/2022

Innovation hubs and incubators in the Greater Rotterdam – The Hague area

The Greater Rotterdam – The Hague area in the Netherlands offers a unique business climate for companies looking to establish themselves in Europe. With a solid political, economic, and cultural foundation, this region has created favorable conditions for the balanced development of the area in various fields. This region serves as the gateway to Europe and is a crucial distribution center, thanks to its bustling seaports and airports. Additionally, the area is home to several renowned universities that consistently produce talented individuals and innovative technologies for various industries. With its urban agglomeration, the region offers excellent market research opportunities and large-scale production environments. Different cities and regions in the province focus on various areas, such as renewable energy, start-up ecosystem, high tech & innovation, life sciences & health, and horticulture & food, maximizing their respective advantages. To maximize these advantages, numerous innovation hubs and incubators with different functions and focuses have emerged, creating a thriving innovative community.
Here are some of the representative innovation hubs in some of the key areas of the region: