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Incentive scheme climate-friendly shipping

Carbon-neutral port

Port of Rotterdam is working in partnership with companies towards achieving a carbon-neutral port. Among other things, what this means for sea-going shipping is a transition to alternative, climate-friendly fuels. To stimulate this, the Port of Rotterdam Authority introduced an Incentive Scheme for Climate-Friendly Shipping in 2019.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is using the scheme to support innovative projects involving alternative fuels in sea-going shipping. The ultimate goal: a considerable reduction in CO₂ emissions. The aim of the incentive scheme is to give a boost to projects that are perhaps difficult to get off the ground without financial support. The scheme started on 21 January 2019 and will continue to 31 December 2022. A total of EUR 5 million is available. The incentive contribution amounts to a maximum of 40% of the project costs. Read the scheme here.

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Who can register for this scheme?

Every party that aims to use alternative fuels to help reduce sea-going vessels’ CO₂ footprint can register. This includes shippers, charterers, shipping companies, fuel producers and suppliers, and engine manufacturers. In any event, it is important for the feasibility of a project that a fuel producer and/or supplier and the shipping company/owner take part.

You can contact us even if the required partners are not yet on board. It may well be that we can find an interesting partner.are you a frontrunner in green shipping

Which projects are eligible?

When submitting an application, it is important that you meet the following criteria:

  • The alternative fuel should be used for a seagoing vessel’s propulsion.
  • The alternative fuel should be a biofuel or synthetic fuel, or it must involve the application of electricity or fuel cells.
  • If biofuels are used, these must be advanced biofuels, produced from residual and waste streams.
  • The alternative fuel should result in a CO₂ reduction of over 50% compared with the current gas oil and diesel oil.
  • The alternative fuel in question needs to be bunkered within the port of Rotterdam.

How can you take part in the scheme?

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the questionnaire below. A Port Authority team will assess whether the submitted application meets the criteria. If this is the case, the assessment team will contact you to discuss the project proposal in more detail and ask any additional questions prior to making the final decision. The level of the amount requested will also be considered. Please read the scheme for more information about this.

Should you have any questions about the scheme or if you want to investigate whether your initiative is eligible, please feel free to contact us(link sends e-mail). We’d like to hear more about your activities.


Why in Rotterdam?

The Port of Rotterdam is well suited for the development of alternative fuels, because many innovative companies that can develop, produce, store, tranship, distribute and trade in alternative fuels are active here.

‘The Port of Rotterdam is the location in which the energy transition is taking shape. With this scheme, we have already been able to provide various innovative projects with just the financial support they need to realise their projects. However, we aim to support many more projects with this scheme and, in doing so, accelerate sustainability in sea-going shipping.’ — Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority

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