HIMSS Chooses Rotterdam as Global Headquarters for Digital Health Transformation

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) announces the establishment of its global headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, reinforcing its commitment to reforming the global health ecosystem through digital health transformation.

HIMSS, the international advocate for digital healthcare transformation, has selected Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as the location for its Global Headquarters. This significant announcement was made during the HIMSS23 European Health Conference & Exhibition held on June 8 in Lisbon, Portugal. The decision to establish the headquarters in Rotterdam highlights HIMSS’s dedication to driving change and innovation in the global health sector. With its strategic position as the “Gateway to the world,” Rotterdam is poised to facilitate HIMSS’s mission to serve constituents across Europe and beyond.

Expanding global reach

By establishing its Global Headquarters in Rotterdam, HIMSS gains access to a growing network of members and collaborators worldwide, including prominent organizations such as the World Health Organization, European Region (WHO-E). HIMSS and WHO-E signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2022, aiming to accelerate the adoption of digital health solutions. Rotterdam’s strategic location also places HIMSS within proximity to the Dutch Life Sciences and Health community, encompassing over 3,000 international life sciences businesses, including hundreds of biopharmaceutical and MedTech companies.

Unveiling the future

Rotterdam, known for its vibrant and diverse atmosphere, offers HIMSS a robust physical presence in the heart of Europe. This move represents an important milestone for HIMSS, demonstrating its dedication to transforming the global health ecosystem. Additionally, Rotterdam is home to Erasmus University Rotterdam, a renowned international research institution specializing in health information technology research. Complementing its Rotterdam headquarters, HIMSS maintains regional offices in London, Berlin, and Leipzig, Germany.

Welcome from the Netherlands

The Netherlands warmly welcomes HIMSS’s decision to establish its global headquarters within its borders. Abigail Norville, Deputy Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and Vice Chair of the Global Digital Health Partnership, expressed enthusiasm, stating

“We warmly welcome HIMSS’ choice of the Netherlands as its global headquarters. Digital health plays a pivotal role in addressing the significant challenges facing healthcare today. This decision further positions us at the center of the global digital health strategy.”

Positioning Rotterdam as the Global Hub for Digital Health Transformation

HIMSS’s selection of Rotterdam as its Global Headquarters signifies a major step forward in driving digital health transformation worldwide. With its unparalleled commitment to innovation and technology, HIMSS will continue to serve as a leading advisor, thought leader, and provider of solutions in analytics, innovation, professional development, and research.

This strategic move positions Rotterdam and the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague area as a hub for pioneering advancements in digital health and reinforces the region’s reputation as a global leader in economic development and foreign investment.

Source: HIMSS press release