Ukraine conflict

Information for people affected by the situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly. On behalf of the…

What will robotics and AI bring to greenhouse horticulture: today and tomorrow?

Experience this during RoboCrops 2022, the international robotics…
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Foreign companies and expansions to strengthen The Hague’s economy

In the past year, 43 foreign companies opened an office or expanded their business in The Hague. This was accomplished with the assistance of The Hague Business Agency and InnovationQuarter, the acquisition partners of the City of The Hague. Together, these companies are expected to provide 1,037 additional jobs and will jointly invest € 55,7 million in the city in the coming three years.
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InnovationQuarter excels in attracting companies with strategic-economic value

In 2021, InnovationQuarter successfully assisted 51 (foreign)…