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Bee Check First Start-up to Join New HSD Campus Facilitator Programme

HSD Campus, the national innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster in The Hague, has been granted the status of an official facilitator for international cybersecurity start-ups. Facilitators play a crucial role in assisting start-ups aiming to expand into the Netherlands by securing a startup visa.

These visas, issued by the Dutch government, are tailored for foreign start-ups seeking to establish and grow their businesses within the Netherlands. To secure a startup visa, companies must enter into a facilitator agreement with an established facilitator based in the Netherlands. HSD Campus stands out as the latest facilitator, specialising particularly in the cybersecurity sector.

The first company to establish itself in the Netherlands with the support of HSD Campus’s facilitatorship is now a reality. Serkan Sazak, founder of Bee Check, expresses his delight with the programme.

Serkan emphasised,

“The Netherlands provides an outstanding business climate for scaling up tech solutions for European and global markets. With the Startup Visa programme, we encountered no difficulties and received invaluable assistance from partners such as HSD Campus, Security Delta (HSD), and InnovationQuarter in navigating the Dutch market.”

By enrolling in HSD Campus’s facilitator programme, start-ups gain several benefits:

  • Assistance in obtaining a one-year startup visa to reside in the Netherlands.
  • Regular check-in meetings with representatives from InnovationQuarter, HSD Campus or TIN Capital.
  • Inclusion in the vibrant HSD Campus and (cyber)security community.
  • Possibility to become a partner of Security Delta (HSD), the national security cluster in the Netherlands.
  • Participation in InnovationQuarter’s Market Readiness Programme, facilitating consistent growth.

For further information on the Startup Visa, visit: https://hsdcampus.nl/en/startup-visa

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Philip Meijer

Philip Meijer

Senior Account Manager Cybersecurity