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Ajar Technology enters the EU and continues growth of its business from the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area

Ajar Technology provides security solutions for critical infrastructure for transportation, and assists with end-to-end digital transformation consultancy and solutions. Among their customers are organisations such as UK Police Force’s, the UK Government and Heathrow Airport, with whom they have strong long-term relationships.

Ajar Technology was founded in West London in 2005 and has intentionally kept their sales team small and been selective in approaching only the customers that truly fit their strategy. This has enabled Ajar Technology to grow steadily from early projects with the police force into the 50- employee business they are today. From those early days, their focus was on delivering quality end-to-end solutions that allowed them to demonstrate and advance their capabilities. Meanwhile, they established their impeccable reputation as a reliable security and technology specialist and systems integrator. Considering the current trends in the job market, Ajar has done well to invest in building a strong and loyal workforce. Building on the solid foundation it built so far, the company aims to double its workforce within a couple of years, while affirming and extending its foothold in the world’s second-largest market.

With their new office, Ajar Technology intends to grow its customer base in the EU and eventually achieve employing 30 people operating from The Hague office while also growing its UK team to 70.

Expanding to the Netherlands

The decision to open an office in the Netherlands to complement their two UK offices came naturally after long relationships with Dutch partners and customers. Their office at the HSD Campus in The Hague feels like a perfect fit because of the international orientation of the community and the mindset which is similar to theirs.

Ajar team photo

Michael Keane – Business Development Director Europe and Tara McLaughlin – Sales and Marketing Manger

“We began with a registered office in North Amsterdam. After consideration of where we could thrive as a business, we are relocating to The Hague Security Delta Campus. It just feels like a good place for our business.” Explains Michael Keane, Business Development Director UK and Europe for Ajar.

Their gradual growth has allowed them to build a solid team and strong relationships with its main customers. Ajar’s intent is to replicate existing business in the new territory, but also to open up new avenues to market by being open to business for multinational organisations who will benefit from their services and capabilities supporting their organisation to succeed in multiple European countries.

Strong community of likeminded people

Keane believes that being part of a strong community of likeminded people such as HSD helps to find the best technology partners, attract talent and grow its business. “We feel The HSD is the right community for our company to be associated with. The region has great access to key regions in the Netherlands and it is well connected to reach other locations in Europe.” Says Michael. In the UK Ajar has been working with Central Government and Emergency departments for over 15 years and The Hague is reflective of some of their typical target markets.

Ajar Technologies is looking forward to integrating with the Security Delta and the HSD Campus community and finding ways of collaboration with new partners.